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BEN at 11 month old

RJCh. Fan Fell Khalifah

Alice Cooper Gandamak x Fan Fell Innocent Love
Breeder: Agnes and Istvan Hanol (Fan Fell Kennel -Hungary)
Owner: Black Muzzle Kennel
Show results: 4xRPJ

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CAC Sinaia, september 2000, judge: Emmerich Bogdan  - RPJ

CAC Ploiesti, september 2000, judge: - RPJ

CACIB Cluj, october 2000, judge: - RPJ

CAC Bucharest, october 2000, judge: - RPJ


Ben's photo gallery

[ Collection 2000 ]  [ Collection 2001 ]

Photos taken in CAC Ploiesti - September 2000
Ben  is 10 month old.

BEN in CAC Ploiesti, Sept.2000


Photos taken in CACIB Cluj - October 2000
Ben  is 11 month old and he just finished
his Junior championship.

BEN, the day he finished his Junior championship.

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BEN in CACIB Cluj 2000

Collection 2001

~click on the thumbnails below to see the enlarged images~

Ben, 18 month old.Ben, 18 month old.Ben, 18 month old.

Fan-Fell Kalifah "Ben" ~ PEDIGREE

Litter announcement
Ben's puppies! Born in March 2001, kennel name: Di Marssano.

Black Muzzle kennel - Bucharest, Romania

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